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Our Idea
Anchored to safeguard the future of energy — generating a cryptocurrency in the world that is technologically innovative, operationally effective, and marketable with the company of an industry-driven leader.
Staking LITH
APR: 65%
Goggles NFT
Supporting DEFI Wallet (Android/IOS)
Token Pocket Metamask Trust Wallet
Binance Exchange
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Why choosing LITH?

Litherium is creating a currency model that subverts the world, allowing small-capital investors to subvert the traditional asset investment in the rising lithium concentrate. Investors do not need to bear the risks and technical issues of traditional futures assets such as holding, transfer, trading, storage, etc., and only need to invest in Litherium to complete the equivalent investment in new energy consumable lithium concentrate.

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Sustaining the Future of Energy

Setting apart with the innovative and adaptable industry leader so as to produce a cryptocurrency in the world that is the most technologically innovative, operationally effective, and of course marketable.
Blockchain 3.0

Blockchain 3.0

We are maximizing our latest technologies that have helped us developed our very own platform in which each coin has its independent blockchain — and this became possible using quantum entropy.

ITO Management

ITO Management

As means to protect and secure the ownership of the investors, we are functioning closely with Source ITO in order to convert our coin into a Asset Backed Token Offering.

Technology Integration

Technology Integration

Some of the most eminent technologies, which are integrated by Source include: a cloud infrastructure, microservices, data analytics, and more.

Coin Net System

Coin Net System

As core network function for widespread adoption, maximum usability, and seamless transferability, Litherium is requisite to being an ecosystem compatible and exchangeable within our platform.

Exchange Tech

Exchange Tech

The crucially increasing speeds and enhanced functionality highlight the next-generation of exchange technology in which Litherium will be first traded on Source's OCX.

Advertising Method

Advertising Method

To guarantee our accessibility in the global market, we have designed and crafted an up-to-date approach to marketing strategy, which consists of SEO, influencers, social media, among others.

Source's Combined Exchange Platform

Supported and traded by Source and their evolutionary trading— Litherium — will be one of the official Coins.
Accordingly, those counted in as standardized pairs on its prime brokerage plus other major exchanges will be transposable
with other Cryptocurrencies, major fiat pairs, and exotics.
This is in consonance with the listed official Open Currency Exchange (OCX).

Source's Integrated Trading Platform

Service Points

Any Platform
It works on desktop, mobile & tablet or as online app via your browser.
All data stored on user devices due to end-to-end algorithm.
Online Dashboard
Detailed information is always available right at your hand.
Strong Encryption
Sign in with MFA, fingerprint or Face ID to access your personal wallet.
Certified Team
We have super-pro team with certified experts and crypto gurus.
Support System
We have 5-stars rated online support system working 24 hours 7 day in a week.
Litherium Roadmap 2019 to 2024
July 2019, The establishment of the Litherium Token idea was intended to launch this electronic currency in South America Argentina, but due to the global epidemic, the project was shelved.

Slide Start Point March 2021 Litherium was re-released in Western Australia, and the project was reorganized by the the trustee of Aus-Fo Unit Trust including the project team, project plan, budget and marketing scheme. May 2021 Litherium launched the seed fund stage of ITO, we expected to sell 20 million tokens in the initial stage to raise the funds & token holders in order to floating on the Pancake Swapping platform. September 2021 Litherium Token release for the public swappng. Litherium Australia Mining Pty Ltd's obtain Prospecting Licence (Onshore Minerals). April 2022 Start lithium ore prospecting work on 660 hectares of land in the east of Geraldton WA, the first prospecting area was 200 hectares. Dec 2022 Carry out the binding of 100g lithium ore and Litherium, to ensure that all Litherium token holders can exchange Litherium tokens for lithium ore. 2023 – 2024 LITH token to become a main cryptocurrency for direct consumption in Australian Dollars via LITH Bank. Litherium Group start the ASX-IPO progess.

Our Team & Associate

 Litherium Australia Mining Pty Ltd
is an exclusive company established in Western Australia, it core activity is to match and merge investors for Litherium miners

Media About Us

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20 November 2021

Listing News

Hi, Litheriumers, we are glad to announce that LITH token will be available on Coinsbit on 19.11.2021! And staking pool also available!
Check here: ht

10 November 2021

EVENT: Meta-Box Governance Token Airdrop (Litherium) Terms & Conditions

The main purpose of this airdrop is to promote the upcoming NFT Marketplace- The event will provide a total of 150K Litherium, w

12 October 2021

Litherium 3.0 up coming

Hello,  Litheriumers 

The Project Litherium (LITH) will undertake the following major upgrades in this month, an upgrade from Litherium 2.0 t

0.00035 BNB

1 LITH Price


Total Participants


Token Transfers


Number of locked Token

How To Buy Our Tokens

We Accept Any Type Of Currencies

Name : Litherium (LITH)
Platform : Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Role : Asset Backed Securities Service
Total Supply : 50,000,000 Tokens
ITO Supply: 5,000,000 Tokens
Staking Supply : 25,000,000 Tokens
Starting Price : 0.030 USD

LITH Token Contract Address:

The following address is for the LITH token smart contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, click here to subscribe now from our platform.

Smart AI-Based Blockchain Marketplace

Office Address

Litherium Australia Mining Pty Ltd

Level 24, 108 St Georges Terrace,
6000 Perth, WA
[email protected]

Working Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00
Sunday: Closed

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